SGGS Angg 745

Raag Suhi M.5

Guru Ji warns us about forsaking the Lord. The forces of maya will unleash themselves upon you. Your own karmic burdens will lead you to ruin. Only His Naam provides safe Sanctuary.

Everyone longs for the Blessed Vision of the Lord; only when your destiny is Perfected, do you obtain it (Darshan).

“Darshan ko lochay sabh koyee; Purey bhaag parapat hoyee.”(rahao)

Forsaking the Lord, how can one ever go into a restful sleep?; (as you forsake the Lord), the great enticer, maya brings in her hordes (of evil).

“Shyam Sundar tajj neend kyo aaye; maha mohnee duta laaye.”

The butcher (maya), separates you from the Beloved Lord; she is merciless, and shows no mercy to the poor beings.

“Prem bishoha karatt kasayee; nirday jantt tis dya neh payee.”

Countless lifetimes have passed away wandering aimlessly; but the terrible treacherous maya does not allow them to dwell in their own homes.

“Anik janam bitiyan bhrmayee; ghar vaas na devay dutar mayee.”

All beings receive the rewards of their own actions; do not blame anyone else, your own actions led you astray.

“Dinn rein apna keeya payee; kis dos na dijjay kirat bhavaiyee.”

Listen O friends, humble saints and brothers; Nanak says, in the Sanctuary of His Lotus Feet (Bani), do you get salvation.

“Sunn saajan sant jann bhai; Charan Sharan Nanak gatt payee.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shahad Kirtan available on YouTube

Darshan ko lochay sabh koyee; Purey bhaag parapat hoyee.