SGGS Angg 742.

Raag Suhi M.5.

A Sikh has been told by the Satguru that if he rises to a Perfect Destiny – Puran Karam (Kirpa) he can be blessed enough to actually have Darshan of God. To rise towards that avastha the Sikh is told to plead for Naam and to remain always in the Sharan of the Satguru.

Having received Divine Sikhya from the Satguru, the Sikh now says.

“Satguru Ji only when I gaze upon Your Darshan will I truly be alive; Lord, this will only happen when I receive Your Perfect Glance of Grace.

“Darshan dekh jiwaa Gur Tera; Puran Karam hoye Prabh mera.”

Please accept my plea, O my Master; please bless me with Your Naam and make me Your disciple.

“Eh benanti sunn Prabh mere; deh Naam kar Apne cherey.”(rahao).

Please keep me in Your Sanctuary O Great Giver, God; very few people get this realisation, that too with the Guru’s Grace.

“Aapni Sharan raakh Prabh Datey;Gur Parsad kinne virlay jaate.”

Lord, You are my (true) Friend, please listen to my, this prayer; may Your Lotus Feet (Gurbani) abide in my heart.

“Binho sunno Prabh mere Meeta; Charan Kamal vasse mere cheeta.”

Nanak makes this one prayer; may I never forget You O Perfect Treasure of All Virtues.

“Nanak ek kahe ardas; vissar nahi Puran Guntaas.”

The Shabad starts with a plea for “Puran Karam” and ends with a plea to “Puran Guntaas.”

These Darshan are internal and as you receive Darshan you are released from all karmic bonds forever.

“Nanak Darshan jinna vekhaliyon tinna Dargeh leh chadaaiye”(Ang 314).

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Suhi