SGGS Angg 389.

Raag Assa M.5.

In life we ask for many things. We must only ask from Guru Ji/God. Only Satguru/God can fulfill your wishes.
Most times we ask for some worldly needs. He fulfills those wishes too.

Bhagat Dhanna Ji asks for “paniya shadan nika anaaj mango sat seeka; gauu bhaiss maango laveri eik taajan turi changeri.”(Ang 695).
(Shoes, fine clothes, grain of seven kinds; a milch cow, a water buffalo and a fine Turkish horse).

At Angg 1307, Guru Arjun Dev Ji lists some wishes of a Sikh.

“Maan maango taan maango dhan lakhmi sut deh”
(I ask for honor, strength, wealth, children).

But the highest wish is for Naam. The Gurus have stressed at many places that Naam, besides uniting you with God, fulfills all wishes.

“Daras teri ki pias man lagi; Sahj anand basai bairagi”

In this Shabad, the plea is for Only Naam to be infused into his heart. That provides for all needs.

“Nanak ki ardas sunijay; Keval Naam riday me dijjay”

When you have love for His Charan Kamal (Bani), all misfortunes flee from you.

“Charan Kamal ki aas pyare; jamkankar nass gaye bicharey”

It is His Mercy that you begin longing for Him: as you meditate upon Naam all your diseases are destroyed.

“Tu chit aave teri meiya; simrat Naam sagall rogh kheiya”.

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Assa