SGGS Angg 520.

Raag Gujri Slok M.5

In this short Slok, a Sikh thanks God for having blessed him with the clothes of Naam.

O Husband Lord, you have blessed me with the Silken Gown of Your Love, to cover and protect my honor. (In Gurbani spiritual dishonor is described as being naked like “nanga dozak chaliya ta dissay khara darawnaa.” (Ang 470).
Spiritual honor is described as being clothed with siropao as “pahir siropao sewak jann melhe Nanak pargatt pahare.”(Ang 631).
These are blessings on the jeev and cannot be seen by the naked eye. As one gets blessed by the Guru, with Gur Parsad, you will be able to see such sublime subtle honor which God bestows upon His sewak. At Angg 1329, Guru Nanak Dev Ji asks to be blessed with.
” sifatt saram ka kapra maango Har Gunn Nanak ravatt rahe.”

“Prem patola teh Seh ditta dhakkan ku patt meri.”

You are All Wise and All Knowing O my Master; Nanak says, I have not been able to fully comprehend/appreciate Your True Worth.

“Danaa Binaa Saieen mehda Nanak saar na jaana Teri.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Gujri