SGGS Ang 700.

Shabad from Raag Jaithshree (Jaitsree).

The jeev isteri is drenched with love for her Beloved Husband Lord. But union has not taken place yet.

She asks of others.

“Please, please give me some news of my Beloved”

“Deh sandeshro kahiyo Pria kahiyo”

She says she has heard so many fascinating tales about Him that she is wonder struck. She pleads with those Suhagans (those who are already merged). Do tell me more about Him.

“Bisam bhei mai bao bidh suntey kaho Suhangan sehiyo” (Rahao).

Despite my love for Him, I have heard some confusing reports about Him. Some say He is way beyond the world, whilst some others says He is totally within it.

“Ko kehto sabh bahrr bahrr ko kehto sabh mehiyo”

I know He is Formless and mysterious. He has no color nor any defining shape: Oh Suhagans (happily married to Him), please tell me the Truth about Him.

“Baran na dissey chihan na lakhiye Suhagan saat bujheiyo”

So many questions. To put her at peace, the Guru replies gently but firmly in the final two lines.

“He is pervading everywhere (not residing in the 7th heaven), and dwells in every heart, yet He is totally detached and unstained”

“Sarab nivasee ghat ghat vasee lep nahi alpehiyo”

Guru Nanak declares; listen O people; He resides on the tongue of the saints (in the Shabad, in Gurbani).

“Nanak kehat sunoh re logha sant rassan ko basehiyo”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Jaithshree