SGGS Angg 980

Raag Nat  Narain (Narayan) M.5

A Sikh expresses hope he would meet a True Friend or Companion, who would share Naam with him. Throughout the Shabad, there is no mention of the Guru, but the description of the blessed one drenched with Naam, fits the Satguru only.

Is there any Friend or Companion; who would constantly share the Lord’s Name with me?.

“Kouu hai mero Saajan Meet; Har Naam sunahve neet.”

One who rids me of my pains and evil tendencies; I would surrender my body, mind, consciousness and everything (to Him).

“Binsay dukh bipreet; sabh arpho mann tann cheet.”(rahao).

How rare is that one the Lord makes His Own; and whose mind is sewn into the Lord’s Lotus Feet (Bani. “tithe seeto seeta mahima mahe.” Japji Sahib); Granting His Grace, the Lord blesses him with His Praise. (jis nu bakshe sifatt salah, Nanak Patshahee Patshaah).

“Koyee virla Aapan keet; sang Charan Kamal mann seet; kar kirpa Har jass deet.”

Cherishing the Lord, one becomes victorious in this precious human life; millions of sinners get purified; Slave Nanak is always grateful to Him.

“Har bhaj janam padarath jeet; kote patit hoye puneet; Nanak dass balh balh keet.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shahad Kirtan available on YouTube

Binsay dukh bipreet; sabh arpho mann tann cheet