SGGS Angg 95.

Raag Majh M.4

A Sikh yearns for Union with God. He sings Praises of Satsanggat which his Guru tells him, can lead him towards Union.

O Saints, humble servants of the Lord, let us meet as brothers (in a common cause); show me the Way to the Lord, I hunger for Him; O Lord, Great Giver and Life of the world, please fulfill my faith, meet me and bless with Your Darshan, my mind is drenched with this yearning.

“Har jann Sant milho mere bhai; mera Har Prabh dasso mai bhukh lagaayee; meri sharda purh Jagjiwan Datey milh Har Darshan mann bhijjay jio.”

Joining the Satsanggat I recite the Bani (Shabads) of the Lord; the sermon of the Lord is pleasing to my mind; the Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord’s Name is sweet to my mind, as I meet the True Guru (Shabad), I drink in this Ambrosia.

“Milh Satsang boli Har Bani; Har Har katha mere mann bhani; Har Har Amrit Har mann bhaave milh Satgur Amrit pijjay jio.”

It is by great good fortune, that the Lord’s congregation is found; the unfortunate ones wander about in delusion, and endure beatings; without good fortune, Satsanggat is not found, and without this Sanggat, one gets soiled with (karmic) filth.

“Vadbhagee Har sanggat paavhe; bhaagheen bhram chota khaavhe; bin bhaaga Satsang na labhe bin sanggat mailh bharije jio.”

Please come and meet me O Beloved Life of the world; please bless me with Your Mercy and enshrine Your Name within my mind; through the Guru’s Teachings Your sweet Naam has become pleasing to my mind. The mind of servant Nanak is drenched and delighted with the Name.

“Mai aai milho Jagjiwan Pyare; Har Har Naam Dya mann dhare; Gurmatt Naam mitha mann bhaaya jann Nanak Naam mann bhijjay jio.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Majh