SGGS Angg 389.

Raag Assa M.5

Guru Ji tells us about a jeev isteri who is lazy, and makes no effort to meet the Lord.

She remains (spiritually) asleep and does not know any News (Naam) of God; when dawn breaks (her life ends), she regrets.

“Soye rahi Prabh khabar na janee; bhorh bheya bahur pechtanee.”

The Guru advises.
Enshrine love for the Beloved and your mind will be filled with bliss; you entertain hopes of meeting the Lord, but why are you so lazy about it?.

“Pria prem sahaj mann anand dharo ri; Prabh milbe ki laalsa ta te aalas kaha karo ri.” (rahao).

He came and poured His Ambrosial Nectar into your hands (He led you towards Naam); but it slipped through your hands and poured into the ground.

“Kar me Amrit aan nisareiyo; khisar gayo bhoom par dareiyo.”

You have burdened yourself with desires, emotional attachment, and egotism; that is not the fault of God, the Creator.

“Saad moh laadi ahankarey; dosh nahi Prabh karneharey.”

The Guru advises. Go to Sadhsangat. There, in the company of the holy, your darkness of ignorance will be dispelled; (there), the Creator will blend you with Himself.

“Sadhsang mittay bharam andharey; Nanak meli Sirjanharey.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Assa