SGGS Angg 525.

Raag Gujri – Bhagat Trilochan Ji.

Bhagat Ji met an udasi (hermit) sadhu, a kapria, a sanyaasi, a tapasvi (penitent, who practices austerities) and a Brahmin called Jai Chand. All claimed their sect was perfect and their respective path would lead to Union with God.

Bhagat Ji addresses all five of them and tells them their wanderings, their external shows of worship and rituals, count for nothing. It is only the internal journey, contemplating upon God which can lead to Union with His Grace.

Bhagat Ji first addresses the sanyaasi and tells him, you have not cleansed the filth from within yourself, although outwardly you wear the dress of a renunciate; you have not contemplated upon God in the heart lotus of your self, what is the purpose in your being a sanyaasi?

“Antar malh nirmal nahi kinna bahar bhekh udaasi; hirday kamal ghat Brahm na chinna kahe bheya sanyaasi.”

To the Brahmin Jai Chand, Bhagat Ji tells him the world is misled by delusions; and it has failed to recognize the Lord, the Embodiment of Supreme Bliss.

“Bharme bhuli re Jai Chanda; nahi nahi chiniya Parmananda.” (rahao).

To the hermit, Bhagat Ji says, you wander from house to house to feed and fatten your body, wear a patched coat, and earrings in truth to obtain maya (although you claim the outward show is meant to lead towards God); you apply the ashes of cremation grounds to your body, but without a Guru, you have not found the Essence of Reality.

“Ghar ghar khaaya pimdh badhaaiya khintha mundha maya; bhoom masaan ki bhasam lagaaiyi Gur bin tatt na paaiya.”

To the tapasvi (penitent), Bhagat Ji says, why do you chant spells, and punish your body through austerities, why are you churning water (indulging in useless acts)?; meditate on the Infinite Lord (who is beyond maya) who created the 8.4 million species of beings.

“Kaaye japho re kaaye tapho re kaaye bilovho paani; lakh chaurasi jinn upaayi so simro Nirbaani.”

To the kapria (saffron robed jogi), Bhagat Ji says, why bother to carry a water pot O saffron robed jogi, why wander about to visit the sixty eight holy places of pilgrimage?; Trilochan declares, listen O mortal, (all your actions) you are threshing an empty husk, without any grain inside, what can you ever gain?

“Kaaye kamandal Kapria re athsath kaaye firaahi; badhat Trilochan sunn re praani, kann bin gaho ke paahi.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Gujri