SGGs Angg 1164

Raag Bhairo – Bhagat Namdev Ji.

Bhagat Ji describes the jeev isteri’s feelings as she is smitten in love for God.

She says (I do not care), the world can well slander me (call me all kinds of names): my body and mind are united with my Beloved Lord.

“Bhale nindo bhale nindo bhale nindo logh”

“Tan man Ram pyare jogh”(rahao).

She says I am ecstatic and quite mad. The Lord is my Husband.

“Mai bauri mera Ram bhatar”

I decorate myself (with His gunn), for Him.

“Rach rach ta ko karo shingaar”

Bhagat Ji gives advice to all. Do not enter into any arguments or debates with anyone; (instead), spend your time savoring the Lord’s Essence (Naam) with your tongue.

“Baad bibaad kahu seyo na kijjay; reasna Ram Rasaeyen pijay.”

I know within my soul, that the stage has been set; I will meet my Lord, with drums resounding.

“Ab jee jaan aisee bann ayee; milho Gopal nisaan bajayee.”

Some may slander, others may praise me (it does not matter); Namdev has met the Wondrous Lord.

“Ustat ninda kare nar koyee; Namey Sri Rang bhetat soyee.”

Shabad viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad kirtan available on YouTube

Bhale nindo bhale nindo bhale nindo logh; Tan man Ram pyare jogh