SGGS Angg 1159.

Raag Bhairo – Bhagat Kabir Jio.

Bhagat Ji stresses the importance and value of a human body. Dedicate it to singing the Lord’s Praises.

The rahao of the Shabad tells us to engage in loving prayer and never forget the Lord; this human life is a blessed opportunity to unite with Him.

“Bhajo Gobind bhul mat jaho
Manas janam ka ehi laho”(rahao)

Only by sewa of the Guru and loving worship is the true value of this human life realised.

“Gur sewa te bhagat kamayee; tab eh maanas dehi payee”

Even the devas yearn for a human body; so use this body to worship the Lord.

“Eis dehi ko simre dev; so sewak bhaj Har ki sev”

So long as old age has not enfeebled the body; so long as death has not seized your body; so long as your voice is still vibrant; O mortal meditate upon the Lord.

“jab lag jra rogh nahi aaya
jab lag kaal grasee nahi kaaiya
jab lag bikkal bhei nahi bani
bhaj leh re man sarangpani”

Brothers, if you do not engage in loving worship of God now, when will you do so?; as the end approaches you will not be able to meditate upon Him; whatever you have to do, now is the best time to do it; otherwise you will regret when you realise you have not been carried across.”

“Ab na bhajas bhajas kab bhai; aave antt na bhajiya jayee; jo kich kare soyee ab saar; firr pechtavho neh pavho paar.”

He alone is a true servant whom the Lord enjoins to His service; such a servant attains (merges with) the Immaculate Divine Lord; meeting with the Guru his inner doors (towards Enlightenment) are opened wide; he will not have to journey again on the path of reincarnation.

“So sewak jo laiya sev; tin hi paaye Niranjan Dev; Gur mil ta ke khulay kapaat; bahur na aave jonhi baat.”

This is your chance and this is the time (i.e. in this lifetime); look deep within your own heart and reflect upon this; Kabir says it is your choice to win or to lose; in so many ways I have loudly proclaimed this.

“Eihi teri ausar eh teri baar; ghat bhittar tu dekh bichaar; kahat Kabir jeet ke haar; baho bidh kehyo pukaar pukaar.”

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Raag Bhairo