Raag Wadhans M.3.

Angg 589.

In India there are expert divers who dive deep into the sea. They dive to get oysters. Some have to go as deep as 40 metres or more. And if they are lucky enough, they get an oyster with a pearl inside. It is such a risky operation that these divers are called “marjivhray” i.e. as good as dead since their death can occur any time.

The Gurus have used “marjivhray” to describe gurmukhs who dive deep within themselves and who engage in true worship – bhagti of the One Lord.

“Bhagat kare marjivhray gurmukh bhagat sada hoye”

Such gurmukhs merge into the Lord and there is no further separation for them.

“Nanak gurmukh mil rahay fir vichora kadey na hoye”

Unlike the marjivhray divers who seek physical pearls, these gurmukhs are blessed with the treasure of bhagti “bhagat khazana.'” A khazana which can never be exhausted. With this khazana of bhagti, they meet the True Lord within their own minds.

“Gunn nidhaan mann paaya eko Sacha soye”

Shabad Viakya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Wadhans