SGGS Angg 793.

Raag Suhi – Bhagat Kabir Ji.

Do not waste a moment of your life. So long as you have an ounce of breath in you, remember the Lord.

Bhagat Ji describes a man who has spent his entire life in the chase of maya. The eyes are exhausted, the ears cannot hear anymore, the strength of the beautiful body is spent; driven to old age all his senses are now dulled; only his attachment to maya is still not exhausted.

“Thakey nain sarvan sun thakey thaki sundar kaiyan; jra hak ki mat sabh thaki ek na thakas maya.”

Bhagat Ji scolds such a man in the rahao. O mad man, you have no spiritual wisdom or reflection; you have wasted this human life.

“Bavre teh gyan bichaar na paaya; birtha janam gaveaya” (rahao).

O mortal serve the Lord so long as the breath of life remains in your body; then, if your body perishes your love for the Lord will abide with you and you shall dwell at the Feet of the Lord.

“Tab lag pranee tisey sarevho jab lag ghat me sasaa; je ghat jayee to bhao na jasee Har ke Charan nivasaa.”

When the Shabad abides deep within, your greed is quenched; you understand God’s Hukam, and conquering your mind you throw the dice and win the chess game of life.

“Jis ko Shabad basave antar chukay tisay pyasaa; Hukmay bujhe chaupar khelay man jinn dhaley pasaa.”

The humble ones who realize the Imperishable Lord and meditate upon Him are not destroyed at all; Kabir says those who know how to throw the dice expertly, never lose the game of life.

“Jo jan jaan bhaje Abhigat ko tin ka kacgu na naasa; kaho Kabir te jan kabho na hare dhaal jo jaane paasa”

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Raag Suhi