SGGS Ang 683

Raag Dhanasree M.5

A Sikh sings praises of God, and recalls his journey towards Liberation.

I bow in reverence to the Lord, and sing the Glorious Praises of my Lord King.

“Bandna Har bandna gunn gavho Gopal Rai.”(rahao).

It is only by great good fortune that one meets the Divine Guru; (in the Guru’s Sharan), millions of sins are erased by serving the Lord.

“Vadey bhag bhetay Gurdeva; kot pradh mitey Har sewa.”

One whose mind gets drenched by the Lord’s Feet (Bani); is not afflicted by the fires of sorrow (depression).

“Charan Kamal ja ka man rapey; sogh aggan tis jan na biapey.”

He crosses the world ocean in the company of the holy (sadhsangat); he lovingly chants the Name of the Fearless Lord.

“Sagar tareya Sadhu sangey; Nirbhao Naam japho Har rangey.”

He does not covet the wealth of others and does not do sinful deeds; the messenger of death (misery, pain) does not come near him.

“Par dhan dokh kich paap na ferhey; jam jandar na aave nehrey.”

God Himself douses the fires of greed; Nanak says, in God’s Sanctuary one is saved.

“Trishna aggan Prabh Aap bujhayee; Nanak udhrey Prabh Sarnaiyee.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shahad Kirtan available on YouTube

Bandna Har bandna gunn gavho Gopal Rai