SGGS Angg 1284.

Raag Malaar M.3

The babeeha (Sikh) pleads with the Guru. Please bless me with the Gift of life for my jeev  (soul)

“Babeeha bentee kare kar kirpa deho jee daan.”

Without this Water (Amrit Naam), my thirst cannot be quenched and my life ebbs away.

“Jall bin pyaas na upjay chutak jahe mere praan.”

You are the Giver of Peace O Infinite Lord, God, the Treasure of All Virtues.

“Tu Sukhdata Beantt hai Gunndataa Nedhaan.”

Nanak says, the gurmukh is forgiven, and in the end, the Lord is your Only Friend.

“Nanak gurmukh baksh laye antt beli hoye Bhagvaan.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Malaar