SGGS Angg 133

Raag Majh

Bara Maha Majh M.5.

Bara Maha traces the inner journey of the jeev isteri towards Union with God. The outer changing seasons of each month are used as a backdrop to highlight the inner changes in her spiritual progress. Fulfillment comes in the final month of Phagun  (12th month in the Indian calendar), where the jeev is blessed with Gur Parsad and God manifests Himself.

“Phalgun anand uparjanna Har Sajjan pragtey aaye; Sant (Guru) Ram ke kar kirpa diya milaiye.”

This Shabad is about the month of Assu, the 7th month. The jeev has made much progress, but she is still far from Union with her Lord. Love for God has begun to well up within her.

She says in the month of Asun, (Assu), my love for my Lord overwhelms me. How can I meet the Lord; my mind and body are so thirsty for His Blessed Darshan; If only someone would come and lead me to Him O mother.

“Asun prem umaha kyo miliye har jaye; man tan pyaas Darshan kanni koyee aan milave maaye.”

The Saints (Guru), full of Love are the True Helpers, I fall at their Feet. (I tell them), without God how can I find peace?; (I find), there is nowhere else to go.

“Sant sahayee prem ke hao tin ke lagga Paiye; vin Prabh kyo sukh paaiyeh duji nahi jaaiye.”

The Guru advises her.

Those who have tasted the sublime essence of His Love remain enraptured and satisfied; they renounce their self conceit and pray “Lord, please attach me to the Hem of Your Robe (Naam).”

“Jinni chakheya prem rass se tripat rahe agaahye; aap tyag bentee karey leho Prabhu larh laaiye.”

Those whom the Husband Lord has United with Himself, shall not be separated from Him again; besides God there is no other at all; I Nanak have taken His Sanctuary.

“Jo Har Kantt milaya se vicharh kathe na jaaye; Prabh vin dujja ko nahi Nanak Har Sarnaaiye.”

The Guru concludes.

In Assu unto those the Sovereign Lord has granted His Mercy, those soul brides dwell in Peace.

“Assu sukhi vasendiya jinna mehiya Har Rai.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Majh