SGGS Angg 547.

Raag Bihagara (Bihagda) M.5.

This Shantt has 4 padas. This is the 1st pada. The entire Shantt is an ardas in Praise of God by a Sikh, pleading for God’s Mercy and Protection.

“Ardas Nanak sun Suami rakh leho Ghar ke cheray”, is the last line of the 1st pada.
O Lord and Master hear Nanak’s Prayer; please save this servant of Your Household.

The Shantt starts with a plea to God. Please listen to my prayer; filled with millions of sins, I still remain Your slave.

“Sunho benantiya Suami mere Ram; kot apradh bhare bhi tere cheray Ram”

O Fascinating Lord You are Destroyer of pain sorrow and strife, Bestower of Mercy; I have come to Your Sanctuary; please preserve my honor O Immaculate All Pervading Lord.

“Dukh haran kirpa karan kal kaleshe bhanjna; Sharan Teri rakh levho meri Sarab mai Nirunjna”

He hears and beholds all; God is with us, the nearest of the near.

“Sunat pekhat sang sabh kai prabh nerhu te nere

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Bihagara