SGGS Angg 1298.

Raag Kanrah M.5

Guru Ji advises all Sikhs. You should ask for these blessings from God. After telling us what we should ask for, Guru Ji then tells us how those blessings can lead to Union with the Perfect Lord.

Pray for these blessings from the Lord; service of the Saints (Guru), company of the holy (Sadhsanggat), to recite His Name, and ascend to the Supreme Status.

“Aisi maang Gobind te; tehal Santan ki sang Sadhu ka Har Naama japp Param Gatey.”(rahao).

Worship (adore) the Feet (Bani) of the Lord in His Sanctuary; take joy in whatever is Done by the Lord Master.

“Puja Charna Thakur Sharna; Soyee kusal jo Prabh Jio karna.”

As you follow the advice given above, this precious human body becomes fruitful; when the True Guru (Shabad), Grants His Mercy.

“Saffal hote eh durlabh dehi; ja ko Satgur mehiya karehi.”

The house of ignorance, doubt and pain is destroyed; for those within whose hearts the Guru’s Feet (Bani) abides.

“Agyaan bharam binsay dukh dera; ja ke hirday basse Gur Paira.”

Those who lovingly meditate upon the Lord in Sadhsanggat; Nanak says, such blessed ones Unite with the Perfect Lord.

“Sadhsang rang Prabh dhiaaeiya; kaho Nanak tinn Pura paaieya.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Kanrah