SGGS Angg 659.

Raag Sorath Bhagat Bhikhan Ji.

Bhagat Bhikhan Ji has two Shabads in SGGS Ji. The first Shabad speaks of Naam as the medicine to cure all ills when everything else fails. (“Har ka Naam aukhad jalh nirmal eh aukhad jag saraa.”).

This is Bhagat Ji’s second Shabad. Bhagat Ji tells us Naam is received as a Gift (i.e. in His Grace). Naam is so profound in it’s Glory that even if one tries to hide it, it’s radiance cannot be hidden. The radiance/aura of the Sikh becomes manifest in his face, and in his actions and speech.

Naam is such a Priceless Jewel, the most sublime Wealth, received as a Gift in His Grace. (the translation says punn is good deeds. My translation is that it is a punn upon the Sikh by God i.e. a blessing); one makes various efforts to enshrine it in the heart, but this Jewel cannot be hidden by merely hiding it.

(Gurbani says, those who have been Gifted with Naam are close to God, but they do not tell aloud their closeness to God.
” hohn najeek Khudai de bhet na kissay dehn.” SGGS Ang 1384 – Sheikh Fareed Ji).

“Aisaa Naam rattan nirmolak punn padarath paaya; anik jattan kar hirday rakhiya rattan na chapay chapaiiya.”

The Glorious Praises of the Lord cannot be truly expressed; (instead, Naam is an inner experience), like sweet candies given to a mute.

“Har gunn kahte kahan na jayee; jaisay gungay ki mithiaiyee.” (rahao).
“As the tongue speaks, and the ears listen, and the mind reflects upon the Lord’s Name, one gets peace and comfort; Bhikhan says, both my eyes are contented (at peace), wherever I look I see Him.

“Rasna rammat sunnat sukh sarvana chit chetay sukh hoyee; kaho Bhikhan doye nain santokhay jeh dekha teh soyee.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Sorath