SGGS Angg 1089.

Raag Maroo – Slok M.3 from Maru Ki Vaar M.3.

Guru Ji says there are many who claim to be spiritual guides. One should only serve a Satguru, who is the highest of all, and can lead you to salvation. If you serve anyone in maya, you will have to give lekha.

Do not serve any court (I have translated “dar” as being short form of darbar, hence it is not door.) where you will have to still give accounts (despite your service); seek and serve a Satguru (here Sat means Eternal, Pure, Niranjan – beyond maya. It is a reference to Shabad which is in essence the Satguru Ji ), who has no equal to His greatness.

“Jit dar lekha mangiye so dar seviyo na koye; aisa Satgur lorh laho jis jevadh avar na koye.”

In His Sanctuary, one gets liberated and no one asks for any (karmic) accounts; He (the Satguru) implants Truth, and is steadfast in Truth and bestows the True Shabad (to those who serve Him).

“Tis Sarnayi chutiye lekha mangay na koye; Sach dhriaiye Sach dhirrh Sacha Oh Shabad deh.”

One who has Truth (Shabad) in his heart, his mind and body are also rendered True (Pure); Nanak says, if one accepts and follows the Hukam of the True One, he is blessed with glory and greatness; As he is blessed with His Glance of Grace (such a one), gets immersed and merges into the True Lord.

“Hirday jis de Sach hai tann mann bhi Sacha hoye; Nanak Sache Hukam manniye Sachi vadiaiyee deh; Sache mahe samavsee jis nu nadar kare.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Maroo