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Raag Maru M.9

At many places in Gurbani we are told, mere regret takes you nowhere. Gurbani is Divinely Pragmatic and says, coupled with your regret, you should take to Naam. As you get drenched with love (rang) for Naam, your lekhas are washed away.

“Bhariye matt papa ke sang oh dhopay Naave ke rang.”(Japji Sahib).

In this Shabad, Guru Ji describes a person who is aware of his faults, regrets a lot, but does not take to Naam.

What should I do now mother?; I have wasted my whole life in sin and evil, and have never meditated upon the Lord.

“Ab mai kaha karo ri maee; saggal janam bikhiyan sio khoya simriyo nahe Kanaiyee.”(rahao). Kanaiyee is poetic rendering of the name Kanahiya – Krishan. Here, the reference is to God.

(I know) when death places it’s noose around my neck, I will lose all my senses; now, in this disaster, other than the Name of the Lord, who else can be of any help?.

“Kaal faas jab gar meh meli teh sudh sabh bisrayee; Raam Naam bin ya sankatt me ko ab hote sahaiyee.”

Guru Ji concludes the Shabad.

That wealth which he believed to be his own, in an instant belongs to another; Nanak says, he remains in regret, but does not ever sing Praises of the Lord.

“Jo sampatt apni kar manee shin me bheyi prayee; kaho Nanak yeh soch rahee mann Har jass kabhu neh gayee.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Ab mai kaha karo ri maee; saggal janam bikhiyan sio khoya simriyo nahe Kanaiyee