SGGS Angg 520.

Raag Gujri – Gujri Ki Vaar M.5

This is one Slok and pauri no 9 of Gujri Ki Vaar M.5.

The Slok tells us of some blessed persons who are so drenched with Naam, that the mere sight of them banishes your evil thoughts. Such persons are your True Friends; servant Nanak says, I searched the wide world but such persons are very rare indeed.

“Jinna dissendrehiya durmatt vanje mittar asadrhe seyi; hao dhundendi jag sabaaiya jan Nanak virlay keyi.”


The pauri elaborates upon the same Teaching as in the Slok.

When I behold Your True Saints, Lord, loving thoughts of You well up in my heart; as I dwell in Sadhsanggat, the filth of my mind is removed; the fear of birth and death is dispelled as I recite the Shabad of Your humble servants (Guru); these Saints untie my bonds, and all miseries hide away.

“Aave Sahib chit bhagta Teriyan dithiyan; mann ki katiye mailh Sadhsang vuthiya ; janam maran bhao katiye Jann ka Shabad japp ; bandhan kholan Sant doot sabh jaiye chapp.”

They inspire us to love the Lord who is the base of all creation; the Seat of the Inaccessible and Infinite Lord is at the Highest Plane/Dimension; we should in humility press our palms together in respect, and with each and every breath meditate upon Him; when the Lord Himself showers His Mercy, then we obtain the company of His Saints.

“Tis seyo laiyen rang Jis di sabh dhariya; uchee hi uchaa Thaan Aggam Apaariya; ja Aape hoye Dyaal ta bhagat sang paaiye.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Gujri