SGGS Angg 794.

Raag Suhi – Bhagat Sheikh Fareed Ji.

Koyal is a nightingale. In almost all places it is found, it is dark brown or tanned in colour. Sheikh Fareed ji stresses the koyal is kali-black. And, Bhagat says it is female. Kali. Not kala.

Kali koyal is sybolism for a jeev isteri which has become black from sins. Here, in answer to a question as to what rendered her black, she says “aapne Pritam se hao birhe jaali;” I was scorched black by separation from my Husband Lord.

How can I ever find peace separated from my Husband?

“Pirhe bihuun kathe sukh paaye”.

She knows only His grace can allow union again.

“Ja hoye kirpaal ta Prabhu milaaye”

She is alone in the pit of despair and sorrows.

“Vidhan khuuhi mundh ikalee”

There is no one who is her friend or companion.

“Na ko saathi na ko behli”

But wait. There is hope. In His Mercy He leads you to sadhsanggat.

“Kar kirpa Prabh sadhsang melhi”

I find now that my True Helper is God Himself.

“Ja firr dekha ta mera Alaho belhi”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Suhi