Angg 1018.

Raag Maru M.5

A Sikh ( jeev isteri) who has been immersed in Naam and sewa, now pleads for the Lord to dwell in her inner home. She recounts many of His Glories, and the Kindly Nature of the Guru.

She calls Him politely, come Respected One, come. So far, I have heard only of Your Praises with my ears.

As You come and dwell within me, my soul and body will be rejuvenated, and in Your Company, I shall sing Your Praises.

“Aao Jee Tu Aao hamare Har jass sarvan sunaavna.”( rahao).

“Tudh aavat mera mann tann hareiya Har jass Tum sang gaavna.”

By the Grace of the Saint ( Guru), the Lord dwells in my heart and the love for maya has been eradicated.

“Sant kirpa te hirday vassey dujja bhao mitaavna.”

You are Merciful to Your Saints, and their intellect gets Enlightened, eradicating pain and evil mindedness.

“Bhagat Dya te budh pargasey durmatt dukh tajaavna.”

Beholding Your Blessed Vision, one gets sanctified, and is no longer consigned to the womb of reincarnation.

“Darshan bhetat hote puneeta punrapp janam na paavna.”

One who is pleasing to Your Mind, gets blessed with the Nine Treasures ( Naam), wealth and miraculous spiritual powers.

“Nao nidh ridh sidh payee jo Tumre mann bhaavna.”

Without the Saint ( Guru), I have no place of rest at all, and I cannot think of any other place to go.

“Sant bina mai thaoo na koyee avar na sujeh jaavna.”

I am unworthy, and no one protects me, but in the Company of Saints ( Guru, Sadhsanggat), I merge into God.

“Mohe nirgunn ko koye na rakhey Santa Sang samaavna.”

Nanak says, the Guru has revealed this miracle ; within my mind, the Lord Sports with me.

“Kaho Nanak Gur chaltt dikhaeyaa mann madhey Har Har raavna.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

Shabad Kirtan available on YouTube

Raag Maru