SGGSAngg 682.

Raag Dhanaasaree (Dhanasree) M.5.

Guru Ji tells us about God’s Innate Nature – His Birdh.
He does not allow His sewaks to see difficult times. That is His Innate Nature.

“Aukhi gharhi na dekhan deyi Apna Birdh samaley; those He accepts as His Own, He puts His Protective Hands over them and cherishes them in their every breath.

“Haath de rakhe Apne ko saas saas Pritpaley.”

Guru Ji advises His Sikhs. This is what you should do, and you should have these thoughts in mind.

My consciousness remains attached to God; from the beginning till the very end, the Lord is my Helper; Blessed is my Friend.

“Prabh seyo laag rehiyo mera cheet; aad antt Prabh sada sahaiyee dhan hamara meet.” (rahao).

My mind is delighted; I belong to the Lord; I gaze at the Master’s Glorious Greatness; Nanak says continuosly remembering the Lord I am in bliss; the Perfect Lord has Protected my honour.

“Man bilaas bheye Sahib ke achraj dekh badaiyee; Har simar simar anand kar Nanak Prabh Puran paij rakhaiyee.”

Shabad Viakhya by Bhai Manjeet Singh Ji

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Raag Dhanaasaree